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Coffee Bean, Bangsar Village

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Bangsar Village

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Bangsar Village

Location: Coffee bean & Tea Leaf, Bangsar Village 2, Ground Floor

WiFi: Airzed Coffee Bean

Plugs: 5. 3 at the outside. 2 in the inside

Toilet: 1st floor. Atfer escalator, turn right and it’s next in between Glasses Shop

Category/Halal: Cafe/Halal

Surau/Mosque/Prayer Rooms: Saidina Abu Bakar Mosque.

Nearest alternatives: Starbucks.

Amenities: Unknown

Review: Went to Bangsar Village quite certain times and this is the favorite spot. Used the free parking at Saidina Abu Bakar Mosque. For economy lunch, there’s a small foodstall behind the mosque. On Friday, there will be a stall selling Nasi Kandar for RM10 with, all you can have either Lamb Shanks or Chicken Curry ( presumably ) and you can have both but at fix price, RM10 with Syrup. I’ve eaten it once and it tastes great, with high cholestrol LOL. The toilet however, is a some-sort of premium toilet but until this time that I’ve wrote this review ( 15/5/09 ) male toilet are unlocked and free to use >:) You can ask either the baristas or the security guard to look for your laptop, double security.

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