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Food Court, Jusco AU2

Food Court, Jusco AU2

Food Court, Jusco AU2

Location: Food Court, Jusco AU2, Setiawangsa.

WiFi: Jusco Arena

Plugs: 5, at each main pillars around the food court.

Toilet: Beside Skin Food

Category/Halal: Food Court/Halal

Surau/Mosque/Prayer Rooms: Beside Skin Food

Nearest alternatives: Old Town, Big Apple, Starbucks, Leo’s Cafe, Kenny Rogers, Wendy, Black Canyon Coffee, Sakura Kristal

Amenities: A Fax service available at Jusco Information Kiosk. Stationery available at Newsplus (assumptions).

Review: Most of the time, this is my mobile office. The environment around weekdays is great but isn’t great at weekends because lots of family will spend their time at Jusco, and they’ll stare at you if they didn’t have a it to sat to enjoy their food. So please be considerate at weekends. Lots of choices for food and there’s actually a lot of people doing their job there too. I’ve bumped into FOSS guy who helped to install Linux for MPAJ, a sifoorian by the name of mrpixel04. If the competition for plugs getting dirty, consider other alternatives as stated above.

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