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Geng’s Corner, Les Copaque, Shah Alam

Geng's Corner

Geng's Corner

Location: Geng’s Corner, Tadisma Business Park ( The new area nearby with Tesco ), Shah Alam

WiFi: Geng’s Corner

Plugs: 2 inside, 4 outside at 2 corner, in pairs. However, it is not suitable to use the plug inside because it will obstruct the staff in the way and because it is restaurant, if they trip over your wire while carrying your food, it will be a big disaster.

Toilet: Inside it.

Category/Halal: Malay Cuisine/Halal

Surau/Mosque/Prayer Rooms: Unknown.

Nearest alternatives: Unknown. but there’s Mamak but unsure if have WiFi or not. Tesco Shah Alam may have some WiFi spots too.

Amenities: Unknown

Review: Geng’s Corner is a restaurant opened by Les Copaque, the creator of Upin Ipin and also Geng The Adventure Begins, that debuted as the first 3D Movie in Malaysia. The environment is a bit cosy and spacious. I went there because back from meeting and wanted to catch up with some old classmates who now working at Les Copaque.

Don’t forget to come over their official merchandise shop = World Of Geng and clicky here for Les Copaque official production blog.

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  1. Syarifah Says:

    May i have the phone no.

  2. sohoque Says:

    terbaeek.. plan nak pegi next week.

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