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Krispy Kreme, Berjaya Times Square

Krispy Kreme, Berjaya Times Square

Krispy Kreme, Berjaya Times Square

Location: Krispy Kreme, Berjaya Times Square

WiFi: Krispy Kreme. Free but sometimes need you to register. same modus operandi with Starbucks or Papa John

Plugs:5-6 at the 1st floor, but 1 taken by their cooling fan, at ground floor I presume about 3-4 inside, outside at the smoking area unsure but there should be some at the pillar

Toilet: Outside and very far

Category/Halal: American Donut/Halal

Surau/Mosque/Prayer Rooms: Level 7 for female. Level 8 for male.

Nearest alternatives: Starbucks, Papa John

Amenities: 7-Eleven and Borders.

Review: It was my 100th mobile office and that’s the reason of that donut arrangements. Was suppose to work with my Art Director only to find he’s messing up with his PTPTN thingamajig. The donuts is sinfully sweet. The couch at the first floor are ultimately comfy, and in round shape. But it has a small table, of course it’s never meant to be an office. The drawback is it is too far from toilet, and from surau.

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  1. Faiz Says:

    Hehe..hari tuh.hari malang sedunia..wakaka..sorry boss!!.janji tak buat lagi

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