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Starbucks Jaya One

Starbucks Jaya One

Starbucks Jaya One with Chee Aun // @cheeaun

Location: Starbucks Jaya One, Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya.

WiFi: Starbucks

Plugs: Many. Approximately 5+6 with an area suitable for working judging from their office-like tables.

Toilet: Inside Starbucks. Small toilet.

Category/Halal: Cafe/Halal

Surau/Mosque/Prayer Rooms: Ground Level, near the parking area.

Nearest alternatives: Coffee Bean, Old Town

Amenities: iArt Creative ( Stationery ), 7-Eleven

Review: Went to Jaya One because previously meeting clients at Bangsar and checking out my twits, and find out Chee Aun was there. Joining him until it’s raining. The environment pretty comfy and spacious, plus there’s some corner with a big oval table that can sit 6-8 person facing each other. Then, at 4 o’clock, met Tsiung Han, who I previously saw him talking about Poetry in BarCampKL.

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