WTH is Mobile Office?

If you have little time to know about mobile office, and don’t want to kill your office time now, then watch my not-so-lightning talks for about ten minutes during BarCamp KL  April 2009

Else if you lose your motivation and want to read, then here’s my slideshow during the same event.

I think both of the things above explain it all about Mobile Office / Office Kami

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6 Responses to “WTH is Mobile Office?”

  1. finafedora Says:

    im losing some motivation so i watch the slide hehe. n found out that ur velvet brown TL wallet was the same as mine.

    ps: credit to odin for fwdg this link

  2. finafedora Says:

    im lack of motivation just now at 2am, so i watch the slides hehe. found out that ur brown velvet wallet == mine. haha.

    ps: credit to odin for sharing this link bout ur OK thingy

  3. admin Says:

    finafedora – thanks for your visit. I’m not using that wallet anymore and u may want to ask odin bout that hahahh

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  5. Antara sebab #MobileOffice menjadi pilihan. | Eizil.com Says:

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  6. phoenixstudio Says:

    your presentation is awesome..and funny :D

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