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McDonald’s, Petronas Ampang Point


Location: McDonald’s, Petronas Ampang Point, behind Ampang Puteri Specialist hospital. In front International School of Kuala Lumpur


Plugs: 3. 2 in the inside section and another one is beside stool, facing the drive-thru-ers

Toilet: Previously there are but I can’t see any now. Will double check later. But please go to Petronas Toilet. 3 minutes

Category/Halal: Fast Food/Halal

Surau/Mosque/Prayer Rooms: Petronas has surau.

Nearest alternatives: Unknown

Amenities: Behind McD, Petronas, there’s a stationery shop. ATMs located inside Petronas.

Review: The good thing about McDonalds is refillable soft drinks. The bad thing however is their refillable soft drinks. Because it has tooo many sugar. Other than that I have no problem but the scarce supply of socket will be a big problem here, especially for those whose battery drain so fast.

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One Response to “McDonald’s, Petronas Ampang Point”

  1. adol Says:

    tempat paling sesuai dan selesa untuk buat keje.. kemudahan yang lengkap dan bersih… lepak dari pagi sampai malam pun x ada masalah… aku dah try tempat nie… cuma kurang plug kena bawa xtention sendiri la… huhuhuhu

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