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Mosque Al-Ghufran


Location: TTDI Damansara. If you see IKEA then it’s the opposite on another side of the road, at the hill

WiFi/SSID:There’s 3 SSID detected – Masjid Wimax, Masjid Kafe, and Masjid

Plugs:A lot so countless :p


Category/Halal: Unknown/Halal – (due to visiting on fasting month)

Surau/Mosque/Prayer Rooms: Here, this is not just your office.

Nearest alternatives: Mutiara Damansara area

Amenities: Backpackers/Musafir Room – you could stay overnight.

Review: I’ve visited Masjid Al-Ghufran because I receive suggestions from Abdullah_habshi from my personal twitter. I was asking about if there’s a mosque/small mosque(madrasah/surau) that have WiFi and he replied al-Ghufran is one of it. So on 2nd Ramadhan a.k.a fasting month I decide to break-fast there and yeah, sort of check it out. To my surprise, the mosque is very well equipped, not just WiFi, but with Cafe and also Backpackers a-la hotel room to accommodate travelers/musafir. If you’re working from the cafe, you’ve gotta see the nice scenery of Mutiara Damansara but since I visited during fasting month, the cafe was close on the day but open all night long from 9PM-6AM (If i’m not mistaken, looking at the notice). With the rooms, I think this is the perfect place if you need to Iktikaf during last ramadhan, but still need WiFi, occasionally.

Picture taken from Kosmo

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