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Bangi Kopitiam, Bangi


Location: Seksyen 9, Bangi

WiFi/SSID: Kopitiam kentut ( don’t ask me why their name is this)

Plugs: 3 inside, near with their toilet.

Toilet: Inside.


Surau/Mosque/Prayer Rooms
: None

Nearest alternatives:
Old Timer Kopitiam, and there’s another opposite Bangi Kopitiam

Amenities: There’s convenience store and stationery shop at the same block, IINM

Review: One of the emerging brands with many branches, Kopitiam serves unique food, in my perspective. I’m having their Cendol Kutty and Shanghai peanut bun as pictured above. Having cendol is comparable to ice blended as it will melted and not easily finished during work. That Shanghai bun is a burger bun with hot melted peanut butter inside. Overall this place is nice, but the chair may not suitable for long-working hours. And It’s a bit hot compared with other kopitiam.

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8 Responses to “Bangi Kopitiam, Bangi”

  1. Fahmishah Says:

    Kat area sini ada Old Timer kopi. pernah try?

  2. admin Says:

    fahmishah – ada nampak tp takpena try lagi hehe

  3. zahar Says:

    ade keje part time waktu malam kat kopitiam nie? skrg sy keje gov putrajaya waktu siang, btul2 nk cr part time malam wat tambah income..tq
    zahar- 017-963 2599

  4. ina Says:

    ehhh zahar, sy pun case yg sama dgn wak. so…cafe nie de part time mlm ke?
    pls ctc

  5. nurul Says:

    sy pn sma gak.. nk keja part time if ade please cntact.. tak kisah la keja kt depan or belakang,asal dpt tmbah pndapatan yg halal..

  6. Azam Says:

    nak try keje kat sini. tapi xtaw cane…… hmmm.. =(

  7. Faizal Says:

    Salam.saya berminat utk Menjadi Rakan Niaga bangi kopitiam..berapa modal utk memulakann perniagaan ini..?tq.

  8. Adawiah Says:

    Saya berminat utk menjadi rakan niaga kopitiam. Boleh tak bagitau saya bagaimana dan berapa modal yang diperlukan.

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