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German Deli Imbiss, Petronas Ampang Jaya

Location: Behind McDonald, Petronas Ampang Jaya ( Behind Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital )

WiFi/SSID: German deli. Ask password

Plugs: 2 inside, near entrance.

Toilet: 1 minutes walk to Petronas toilet

Category/Halal: Burger/Hotdog/Halal

Surau/Mosque/Prayer Rooms
: Beside Petronas Toilet.

Nearest alternatives:

Amenities:There’s Mailbox ETC, which have fax machines, and some stationaries.

Review: Located behind McDonalds Petronas Ampang Jaya, is a German Deli made by Germans. Muslims don’t afraid, it’s certified Halal. The attraction to this place is the unusual BIG and huge burger, sandwich, and hot dogs. Price are on par with Carl’s Jr/Burger King, but much better. That Big ass Megaton only for RM16. add RM3 for fries and carbonated drinks.

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13 Responses to “German Deli Imbiss, Petronas Ampang Jaya”

  1. miemie Says:

    i love this restaurant!!

  2. admin Says:

    miemie – hehe I wish the owner come to this website so they can read it by themselves :)

  3. bungelah Says:

    just went there yesterday.. soooooooo delicious and i love it! :D

  4. Nazrin Says:

    Hi miemie, the owner is here and read all the comments. Thanks for all your support.

  5. admin Says:

    Nazrin – hi Nazrin, Danke for visiting our website. ( did I mention that correctly ? ) Hope I did :D

  6. farhana Says:

    is it o24 hrs open?

  7. admin Says:

    farhana – sorry it’s not.

  8. Come to German Deli to support Germany! - OfficeKami Says:

    [...] German Deli is one of our Officekami locations. Are you business owner who have WiFi at your store? Submit yours today! Rate This MobileOffice = (No Ratings Yet)  Loading … [...]

  9. amir Says:

    makanannya sedap. saya sudah cuba mi sup daging. fuh memang pedas. org terengganu kata pedah dessik, kateee…. mmg puah hati. nx time saya nk mkn beger plak.

  10. justin bieber Says:


  11. Ozil Says:

    memang sedap makan kt sini. nanti i datang malaysia singgah cawaangan malaysia :)

  12. Ozil Says:

    memang sedap makan kt sini. nanti i datang malaysia singgah cawangan malaysia :)

  13. zafiro Says:

    is it halal??

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