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Austin Chase Coffee, Gardens Mid Valley

Location: 2nd Floor, Gardens Midvalley

WiFi/SSID: lightspeed@austinchase

Plugs: 8-10

Toilet: 20 metres away


Surau/Mosque/Prayer Rooms
: Inside the shopping center

Nearest alternatives:
Starbucks Borders

Amenities: Gardens is a Shopping Mall

Review: Another cosy place to do work while sipping coffee. Located atthe 2nd floor of Gardens, MidValley. A floor up is Borders Bookstorewhere Starbucks is located and GSC Signatures, 2 floors up to catch amovie. In Austin Chase, there’s a glass room that you can also bookfor meetings. Just make sure you buy drinks and food. Nothing is freeand neither is the room :D Call 603-22820512 to book. There is also alot of free magazines to read when tired typing your life away on yourMacBook :D

Review thanks to Sam, and yeah follow him on this twitter too :D !

Location Area: ,

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