The Mobilewarriors Code

Last three days I’ve met Pat Teoh & Yati Amzah from Paper and Toast. They wanted to know more about Officekami and invited me for a tea. While discussing and bombing their minds with what Officekami/Mobileoffice is, Yati told me

“wow you even have a sort of code of conduct”

And the day before I’ve met them, I’ve twitted about that we/mobilewarriors should be assistive. In my mind, I have already planned some of the rules so i thought, it is the right time to spill it over, at least before I forget.

Behold, this is The MobileWarriors Code


One has to go out of their permanent office.

The most basic rule. If you do not go out from your office and if you do not doing your work at mobileoffices you are not mobile warriors. But when you step inside any of places that are not office doing your job, then you’ve become one Mobile warriors. So step out from your office (even it is home office), and become one of us, Mobilewarriors.

One has to be assistive and courtesy.

During your adventure as Mobilewarriors, one may met someone else who in dire need. If you’ve at your mobile office and you saw another seems-to-be mobilewarriors looking for plug, point them the plug that you knew. If you have plug extensions, then share it with them. If they’re looking at the plug and you’re battery already charged, give them the plug so they could charge too. If you’re mobile-office-ing at a fast food joint, make sure to occupy a single or two seater table. If you didn’t have a choice but to occupy 4 seater table, then make sure there still other seat for other customers to have their meals on. If the area become jampacked during lunch hour, leave the places and give area to others who really need it.

One has to spend at mobileoffices.

When you’re working at those mobileoffices, buy some food and drinks to support their business. You’re using their resources so it is unethical to just using their WiFi or electricity without paying a penny. Buy even just a cup of coffee to support them.

One has to be careful with their surroundings.

A mobilewarriors should be alert and aware with their surroundings. Never ever leave the laptop unattended. Our laptop is our most precious weapon in our line of job so how can you fight without your spear a.k.a laptop? Bring Kensington Lock or do your work with your friend in that case. Or ask friendly staff to guard over your laptop in case you’ve need to be away.


That is, 4 code of conduct to become one of us, Mobile Warriors. Hope you can use it as a guideline before calling yourself a Mobile warriors :)

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