Sri Kulai, Jaya One

Location: Lower Ground Floor, near Cold Storage

WiFi/SSID: Sri Kulai

Plugs: 1

Toilet: Outside, 1 minute walk

Category/Halal:Reaedy-to-eat food/Halal

Surau/Mosque/Prayer Rooms
: At parking

Nearest alternatives:
Starbucks, Old Town

Amenities:Pos Malaysia, Cold Storage nearby.

Review: Sri Kulai is one of processed-food makers in Malaysia. They produce microwave-ready food that are ready to eat. Comfy chair but only 1 plug. May be the best area to handle small meetings due to table arrangements and there’s not many people coming over to dine in.

– Due to request by Syia, one of our readers, here below are picture of the food served.

It is served inside Microwave-able paper containers

Location Area: ,

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3 Responses to “Sri Kulai, Jaya One”

  1. syia Says:

    gambar mknan nye ada x?

  2. admin Says:

    syia – thanks for the request, there you go :p

  3. choo chin ying Says:

    hi, may i know is sri kulai a company under Jaya one? or AYS?

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