App Showdown: Yammer

From this day on, all Apps Review that related with Mobile Office work will be called App Showdown. For this pilot episode, I’ll review Yammer.

Yammer is an application a-la Twitter, but for company. Imagine last few years, if you work in big companies, few email will gone through your department and others. Replies such as ‘noted’, ‘will be done’ is in Email form. And imagine you have 5 unread emails and all of them are the conversation/discussion between your colleagues and they cc’ed to you, since you’re the manager.

That for me is a pain in the ass that Yammer will solve.

Despite being called Twitter for client, you can post long message in Yammer.

You can also attach files along the message. It is as simple as drag and drop action.

This is how Yammer look like.

You can like certain message, book mark it, or view it as thread

Aside from that, this are some of the available functions in Yammer. You can DM other staff too!

And lastly, Yammer also support Multiple company. But in one session, only one account are active. Nonetheless, shall there an update for different company, a small number notification will appear at the network drop down menu.

With this application, it is like having a small company chatroom. If you missed your office mate during mobile working, this is the answer.

Click Yammer to know more about it. Do comment if you are using it

P/S: If you like to give your own review on certain apps you like, twit @officekami then :D

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