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Gloria Jeans Coffee, The Curve

Location: The Curve, Kota Damansara

WiFi/SSID: Digi Wireless Internet ( most probably sponsored by digi )

Plugs: 2 near counter. There maybe 1-2 in smoking room.

Toilet: Inside The Curve. 2 minutes walking


Surau/Mosque/Prayer Rooms
: Inside the Curve. Near Bluunis, 2nd floor.

Nearest alternatives:
Coffee Bean, Phoa Hoa Noodles

Amenities:There’s service section below The Curve. If you’re thinking for shopping, there’s IKEA. There’s Hair Cut and Za-Altera for you to repair your cloth if needed. Borders is nearby.

Review: Gloria Jeans Coffee has x % discount on their ladies day ( if I’m not mistaken it’s Thursday )Other than that, almost all Gloria Jeans Coffee equipped with a desktop computer free surfing. Definitely big win if you left laptop behind.

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  1. effy Says:

    why gloria jeans coffee has been closed at the curve??

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