App Showdown: Dropbox

Back to App Showdown. For this week, another must-have for mobile-warriors: Dropbox.

Dropbox in a nutshell is an online backup + file sharing + file syncing across multiple computers and devices.

Let me break it up for you.

Online Backup

First of all, Dropbox allows you to backup wirelessly of your folder. If you’re using free account, you got 2GB’s and up to 100GB available for paying customers. Every time you create, modify, and delete your files in designated dropbox folder, it will upload the file to the server. You can also restore deleted  and previous file version.

File Sharing

You can share your files with your friends and colleagues with just few clicks (see images below). Means that when you’re doing work for particular projects, once you made changes to a file, we can see the changes instantly (provided you have extremely fast internet connection). Aside from sharing with our colleagues, we can also give ‘public url’ to our clients.

File Syncing across multiple computers & devices

For me this is the WIN features of dropbox. Since every time there’s changes to Dropbox, the file will be uploaded. Imagine this scenario. You need to rush to a presentation and inside the car, you realize you left your specific thumbdrive with specific presentations. You can simply contact your staff at the office to share it inside, say, your company folder. Once you arrive at the client office, all you need to do is connect to internet, wait for few seconds and then you’ll see the presentation available in your laptop. WIN

Another feature is that say you have different PC in office and personal MAC at home. Previously all we did is we save the files and transfer via thumbdrive. Forget thumbdrive. All you need is dropbox. Set the dropbox at your office computer, and personal MAC, and you’ll be able to sync it. Just make sure all files are up to date before you’re going home. Once you arrive at home, if you leave your MAC turned on all the time, the files already there. Every files and folders that has been saved in your dropbox will display little green mark indicating it is available on the ‘cloud’.

And before I forgot, you can sync it to your iPhone, Android phone too. But the method is a bit different because the file are available on-demand. I can presume it is because if all of your files sync non-stop with your mobile phone devices, it will consume a lot of traffic/bandwidth and then it will cost you a lot. So the files only available when requested, but will be stored on your device once you loaded it.


With that, i hope you find Dropbox is useful for your mobile working. Another one thing if you’re cheapskate, you can have up to 8GB free by simply referring to others. Every of your friends who install Dropbox via your invitation, you and them will get extra 250MB. Sweet. If you need bigger space, I find it really worth it.

Make use of it yah! ( and if you’re just want to start using it, get extra 250MB by using my dropbox referral invitation :)

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4 Responses to “App Showdown: Dropbox”

  1. syia Says:

    uiks terkejut masa baca review ni sebab syia baru semlm testing dropbox sebab nak buat sharepoint utk files keje.. lepastu nk testing dgn android.. oky tak pkai android utk view files? ke kene ada app utk view ms word ke pdf ke?

  2. admin Says:

    syia – apsal terkejut bwehehehe. oke je utk view files. mungkin kena download quickoffice.

  3. fulltime mom Says:

    I tried it, I liked it. I dah download. Tima kacih daun keladi.

  4. admin Says:

    fulltimemom – hehe thanks. dapat extra space gak :D

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