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Starbucks Kota Raya

Location: Kota Raya

WiFi/SSID: Starbucks

Plugs: 7

Toilet: Inside Kotaraya, 3 minutes walk

: Cafe/Halal

Surau/Mosque/Prayer Rooms
: Kotaraya has Surau

Nearest alternatives:

Amenities: Near with Kotaraya Shopping Mall. Watsons are nearby.

Review: Very nice environment, a lot of tables and plugs, more of the time there is a place for you to sit. No worry that no places to sit or no plug etc. Friendly staff, nice drinks. Smoking area outside too.But i smoking area dont have plug.Wifi is good (since not many people is using it.)Aircond not too cold but also not too warm.

Review thanks to Joshuatly Tee and follow him on twitter.

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