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Hello mobilewarriors and visitors. Quite some time I didn’t write any articles. World’s been busy, and same as me.

So here goes article. A quick article I’ve wrote, Tissue Tips.


If you realize, if you come to every cafes or even fast food chains, they will give tissues. Tissues being served for your convenience. Aside from wiping our mouth and hand, tissue can be most useful to one mobile warriors. Usually, the shops will give you at least 2-3 piece of 2 ply (helaian) tissues. From my observation, unused/extra tissues will be left untouched by customer and those unused tissues, usually, following the restaurant code of conduct ( I was a Shakey’s Pizza service crew before so I know ) will be thrown away.

I’m serious. It is same as leftovers. Untouched tissues will be thrown away. ( I didn’t know if there’s restaurant keeping it )

How to fix this?

While it maybe hard for us to change the code of conduct of restaurant, unless we are the one in control, I would suggest we, mobile warriors, do something. That is not to left any tissues behind, even if we don’t need it. This is why you should keep unused tissue in your backpack

  • Use it for ideation and sketches (as pictured above). Maybe in dire need you just need to jot down important number so yeah. Tissue ftw.
  • Use it to wipe dirty tables at food court, cafes, or when you want to put your laptop to work.
  • Use it to wipe anything that in the situation there’s no cleaner can wipe it for you
  • Best replacement for whiteboard duster.
  • And women best friend too :p
  • And if you’re scouts/ first aid expert, tissue is one of important thing, If i’m not mistaken.
  • Lastly since I’m motorcyclist, sometimes I wipe my wet

So yeah,let’s reduce unused tissue wastage. Let’s take our part  :)

End of article

Sidenote: I’m quite glad that ever since I talk more about Officekami this year, more and more people coming in to give support. While this is a non-profit movement, support is all I need to elevate it and yeah, you can see a lot of submissions; almost every weekday one place being published. And there be no updates on Saturday and Sunday because it’s weekend. And every Wednesday, I allocate like a special day to wrote articles.

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