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Built Bulletproof Backpack

Hi everyone. It’s like I’m on hiatus for not writing anything for 2 months. Actually, it was because Fasting month that I didn’t go to any Mobileoffice and then Eid (raya) month. So here goes the second backpack review. Today what I’m reviewed is Built Bulletproof Backpack thanks to AlimBag. It is called ‘bulletproof’ because the design looks like Kevlar Vest, the bulletproof vest being used by police, swats, and soldiers. [DISCLAIMER] BUT PLEASE DON’T TRY TO ACCEPT BULLETS USING THIS BAG AND I MEAN IT. so yeah continue to the review.

As usual, I’ll be comparing with my current bag, Targus Spruce. You may want to read the review of Targus Spruce EcoSmart Backpack here.

The Type & Size

This Bulletproof Backpack type is superslim type. It is meant for you to appear stylishly, to bring only the laptop with essential tool and doesn’t want to bring other stuff. With this bag, you’d be able to bring a laptop underneath your blazer or for motorcycle riders, underneath your leather jacket or raincoat. It doesn’t have thick padding but the back is a mesh. it will snap to your body and i don’t think it will follow the contour of your spine, in contrast with padded Targus Spruce. However on that point, at least the mesh is much more comfortable than my first Golla. Mesh provide decent airflow. The one I’m testing is Medium sized and I kinda have problem to wear it because I’m fat. The shoulder strap are bit small and kinda limit my shoulder movement. Or maybe I just testing it once without give ample time to adapt with that situation. The front shoulder velcro strap is there to help the grip, but I kinda find it funny. But if combine it with carabiner hook (usually found within Golla range of handphone pouch) it’s pretty useful.

The Compartment

Bulletproof Backpack has ONLY three compartment. There’s shoulder compartment, top-load laptop compartment and side load extras compartment. Shoulder compartment is there for you to put iPods, handphones. Nicely placed at shoulder straps at the left side. The second is the top-load laptop compartment. Pretty roomy even I put my MacBook Pro 15. Adrian, the owner of Alimbag said it might fit 17″ MacBook Pro. The third, side-load compartment is there for you to put plugs & essential tools located at the right side.

To test the compartment, I’ve inserted my Macbook Pro & 3 extremely essential tools. As for laptop, you can see how roomy it is. I even can pull the top-load lid till I can see the apple logo. And from Built Bulletproof Backpack official website, they fit an inch hardcover book, a fastcompany magazine and I didn’t know what size of that macbook. That height should be around 3-4 inch so I guess the topload compartment can held 4-6 inch thickness. However, I don’t think it is heavily padded like Targus Spruce. So I think if you fall with your laptop at your back, it may break. I

As for side-load compartment, I insert plug for laptop, USB cable for handphone (+ it does charging) & Kensington Lock. As usual, do not ever, ever leave your laptop unattended, insecured. So with Macbook pro inserted + those tools being inserted inside side-load compartment, it become a bit bulky, but not too bulky. No I didn’t arrange the tools properly since we mobilewarriors live a life on a run.

The Others

Since there’s no more other component and compartment, there’s no others LOL.

The Price

This slim bag, I forget, SUPER SLIM BAG, is priced at RM359 at AlimBag store. While the price is near with Targus Spruce Backpack, the bag focuses in it’s style, lightness, agility & simplicity. I might bought it because of it slimness as I’m a motorcycle & bicycle user, but yet to know the effects to my back.

The Conclusion

Given the price and few drawbacks, those who want to buy this bag need to consider carefully given the price. It is a good bag but without much use. You can’t put much stuff. Since it’s ‘snap’ on your back, if you put too many it will be too tight. Plus, if you put too many stuff I think the bag may break. But then one thing i like for the slimness is that imagine you’re on ‘standby/on call’ mode, you can bring just the laptop and the plug without worry about anything else. And at one point, I imagine when I have babies and kids, this bag will suit me because I can put baby carrier in front, without losing much agility.

As for motorcyclist, this bag will suit you and will fit into your raincoat. As far as I know, Givi Raincoat have big ‘back opening’ so it can cover your big laptop bag. But if that’s not the case, this bag will solve it.

For analogy, this bag is for Code-Ninja, not for Nerd-Samurai. If you can’t understand the analogy, you’re less geeky :p

Okay sorry for the insult. As you can see, Samurai’s shield are heavily padded, bring many equipments to war, bring long swords with longbow and arrow. Ninjas only bring shuriken-star, knife, and poisoned needles.

Rating – 4 out of 5. Scores same as Golla.

You can get this bag at Pavilion KL, at AlimBag. You may see AlimBag’s online stores here or email him- alimbag82[at]gmail[dot]com or call him at 0123370933

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