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Paper + Toast, KL

Presenting Officekami’s Premium Sponsors: PAPER + TOAST = The Mobile Office Cafe

Location: One Residency, Jalan Nagasari, Kuala Lumpur

WiFi/SSID: Paperandtoast

Plugs: 5-6 below. Plenty upstairs

Toilet: 30 seconds walk to the residency

Category/Halal:cafes/Halal (the only non-Halal item is Whisky Truffle by Grandjean Freres Artisanal Swiss Chocolates).

Surau/Mosque/Prayer Rooms: Hotel Istana – Level LG ( 10 minutes one go + pray )

Nearest alternatives:
The Weld have Starbucks.

Amenities:Hot Desking, Mobile Office, Virtual Office, Meeting Room, Fax & photocopy binding, charging stations & locker, support- services information.

Review: Back in March 2010 blogpost, the founders of the cafe, Pat Teoh & Yati Hamzah came to met me asking me few stuff about this whole Officekami thing + mobile working trend in Malaysia. Little that I know they were going to open a cafe. It came as a surprise when one of my twitter friends, Zana Fauzi / Knufflebunneh told me to review Paper & Toast just a few weeks previously.

I was like… I kinda heard this Paper + Toast but where. Until i realize their email last few month.

They did it pretty a decent, excellent mobileoffice. A praise for that. And the price is pretty fair too. They do have a Hot-Desking facilities available for just RM17 for 2 hours ( RM8.50 per hour but minimum usage of the desk is 2 hours ) including unlimited supply of coffee. They have 2 meeting rooms for rent and since they have two floors, you can work at peace at the first floor without worrying the visitors who came to have their lunch, staring at you.

The Interior

This is the panoramic view of the top floor. Since there’s a lot of picture I put it in spoiler mode

Show more Interior Photo Gallery

This is their top floor

Their Flexi-Fold Private working space for just RM8.50 per hour (minimum 2 hour usage)

If you don’t fancy their cubicle setting, you may use this table and ….

if you hate the person in front of you staring deeply, pull out that thing!

Their meeting room. didn’t take picture of another meeting room because there’s a meeting in it.

Small corner for having lunch

The entrance of paper & toast.

Looking at their interior design, it’s pretty good. There’s parts with glasses and there’s part where you can use if you can’t handle distraction. But, even the cafe is located at the heart of KL, a busy town, the street are not that noisy. It’s pretty calm. The nearest monorail would be Jalan Raja Chulan. 5 minutes walk. I advise for any visitors that going here to take a public transport, or you might need to find a per-entry parking. Parking inside KL building will cost you a cup of expensive coffee. (I previously park at KLCC and the parking rate is RM21 >_< )

The Food

Their food is fairly priced and appealing. They have lunch meal for RM13.90 consist of a sandwich that you can choose from 4 selection (there’s 1 for vegetarian) and a glass of apple/orange juice. Below are the picture of ..

I think this is their Vietnamese Chicken Bahn Mi

Italian Turkey Ham Panini

And lastly they have cupcakes for you freelances to work, sugar high!

Yet to taste their muffin. Previously ordered their cappucino. Tastes great. For me it could match Cappucino from Espressamente Illy & Coffee Ritual. And it is served inside their paper cup.

Mobile Office Rates

Below are their pricing for available amenities

Show more Mobile Office rates

Here’s a simplified map upon request

And special for Officekami visitors!

= Go to the counter and mention ‘Officekami’, you’ll get 5% discount on all beverages!

At the moment, they are doing this promotion

  • Their meeting rooms are COMPLIMENTARY for the whole month of November 2010 (pls RSVP 3 days in advance, call 03-21416752, subject to availability)
  • COMPLIMENTARY use of Private cubicles for 2 weeks in Nov or Dec 2010 special for Officekami fans. Don’t forget to mention ‘Officekami’

Phew this is indeed a long entry.

If you’ve been there, share with me your experience ya :D For my personal liking, I love their concept! Do check out their website and also stay in touch with them via Paper + Toast Facebook Pages.

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19 Responses to “Paper + Toast, KL”

  1. syia Says:

    wOoo..memang cool gile idea ni

  2. Tatiana Says:

    Dang! This is so cool :D I like!

  3. snowwie Says:

    awesome idea! i like toooo :P

  4. Eizil Says:

    Woohoo… cantik guiler tempat ni. Kena gi melawat ni nanti

  5. admin Says:

    wohh ramai suka hehehe!.

  6. moonbug Says:

    memang best giller tempat ni……should check it out !
    Looks like a place to work in…

  7. Emi Says:

    Can I try tomorow? I have a meeting at KL.

  8. moonbug Says:

    Just came from Paper+Toast. I think it’s a good place to actually work in.
    Had a cupcake and it was YUM green tea and a Latte…
    Emi you should check out it out.

  9. PAPER + TOAST Says:

    Thanks everyone!
    As part of P+T celebration of its soft launch, we are offering everyone complimentary meeting rooms for the month of November! We have 2 meeting rooms that could sit 6 each and when combined comfortable for 10 pax. It comes with complimentary projector. First come first serve basis hence book now at +6-03-2141 6752!
    Cant wait to see you all!

  10. moon Says:

    takda surau..kene gi tempat orang lain..tak sensitif dgn keperluan org islam…

  11. admin Says:

    moon – ala jalan sikit je ke hotel istana. lagipun mobileoffice yg ada surau boleh dikira dengan jari. kita kat malaysia takde masalah nak solat lah. jalan 5-10 minit dah jumpa tempat solat :)

  12. aman Says:

    wow. great. pasnie leh wat lepak-lepak kat sinie. hoho~

  13. merce Says:

    nice concept! =)

    can i request a map or direction from Raja Chulan Monorail?

    KL street gives me the headache. @_@

  14. admin Says:

    aman = jom

    merce = updated post with the map just for you :)

  15. sapphire Says:

    do you hv a bigger meeting room that can occupy 30 pax at a time? we are planning to conduct a training next week, if you do have a room for 30 pax, i wud propose your place to my boss. pls advise. tq.

  16. PAPER + TOAST Says:

    Hi Sapphire – We have a mezzanine floor which can sit 40 pax.

    For those who need a inspiring, unconventional and cozy venue to hold a meeting, brainstorming or any other event, please call us at +603-21416752 to find out more!

  17. Hakimism Says:

    looks really interesting. i cant wait to check it out. hows the internet speed?

  18. zamryboombox Says:

    I’ve been hanging out there quite a lot lately. Really nice and calm environment. Sekali layan tau2 dah gelap! Food & coffee is awsome…apparently theres a xmas food coming out aswell…macam ketupat la…setahun sekali ada…tapi bila ada memang bes! Hmmm for the internet, to be honest, it is surprisingly agak laju! apparently they use a dedicated line for the setup…so personally, I have no complain over the speed :)

  19. Come to Paper + Toast Official Launch - OfficeKami Says:

    [...] are invited to PAPER + TOAST official launch next monday. So come, tell your boss, and ask them to join us [...]

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