Do & Dont’s in doing a meeting at mobileoffice

Often people ask me: How do you handle meetings if you don’t have an office? or, if you kept travelling. A pretty straightforward answer is- do the meetings at mobileoffice.

However, in doing a meeting at mobileoffice, we have to take few concern over about the places itself before our client, or potential client walks in.

So here are few do & dont


  • Prepare everything of your related material before going to meet (portfolios, file, etc)
  • Ask if the meeting need computer, or other stuff (like projectors)
  • Make sure the place you’re agreed to meet have a decent internet connection
  • Also, meet the client at an are that have an alternative internet connection, or you can tether your internet to laptop via smartphone
  • Preferably, meet at place with plenty parking spaces, accessible to both parties (via LRT or so on)
  • If you’re a women/girl meeting a man, meet them at a mobileoffice that are not secluded

That’s about Do’s. Now let’s see what the Dont’s

  • Do the meeting at Mamak. That will reflect your image (unless your client who ask for it, or both parties agree with it. )
  • Do the meeting at noisy place
  • Do the meeting during lunch time- because some places will be really jampacked.
  • Do anything that you think is wrong. In other words, how do you expect to be treated if you come to other, same you should do to your visiting client.

Once my wife asked me: How could you meet at Burger King, or meet at Burger Cart (like famous Ramly SS19), and call that a meeting?

One reason: client was hungry and wanted to have a meeting over burger :p

End of note, I’m sure few of you have your opinions or tips. Kindly share with us. And yes, lastly, it’s up to mutual agreement on both parties on where to meet. If they wanna have Teh Tarik & Roti Canai, go ahead, choice is yours.

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