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Jan 2011 Co-working day review

So on last 12 January 2011 (that was like 2 weeks ago), there was an Officekami co-working day being held at Paper + Toast. Until this time, there was 2 co-working session being held at Paper Toast, which the first time being held on 17 November 2010, and I totally forgot to do a review about that.

So during first Officekami co-working day we have

  1. @Lightyoruichi – Social Media Evangelist: Tandemic
  2. @Hakim – Social Media Evangelist: Tandemic
  3. @Kaliper – Social Media Evangelist: Tandemic
  4. @kzamri – Director : Orcavie
  5. @kruel74 – Lawyer : Khairul / Suhaila / Hazlina
  6. and me

And then, for the second time, manage to attract 11 at one time

The attendance in timely manners

  1. @Cerventus – Web Producer : Malaysia Entrepreneurs
  2. me
  3. @Espen_antonsen- Web Developer/Consultant: Inspired.no
  4. @ibnu_ariff – Freelance Author & Trainer: Madani Media
  5. @naziehah – Dance Instructor : Elwarda Dance
  6. @whataboutzana – Independent Copywriter : previously a.k.a knufflebunneh
  7. @kamal – Ruby Evangelist : Bitfluent / Owner of coming @fluentspace
  8. @zeetao – Owner: @fluentspace
  9. @altimet – should I even need to explain? Rapper/ Artist : AltimetOnline
  10. @kruel74 – Lawyer : Khairul / Suhaila / Hazlina
  11. @kzamri – Director : Orcavie

It was exhilarating to see so much turn up and we all did our job as usual. Thanks to our host PAPER + TOAST for giving discount and tidbits.

Why this event was created?

FYI, most of mobilewarriors work alone. In fact, at the time I’m writing this post, at this McDonalds (also in Officekami), 4 people working at different tables, each of them seating at 4-seater-place. That’s such a waste of space. And you know, imagine there’s 10 of us occupying 10 x 4-seater place, we’ve denied 36 people to sit with us.

And that would be bad for local business.

So this thing called co-working, is to sort to promote sharing space is a new way of working. We didn’t work in the same company but we share the same interest. We want to get our job done. This is also to promote that co-working works rather than having a worker, isolated in their own cubicle, playing their imaginary farm on the Farmville when the boss aren’t looking. As a boss, we have to ask and to have level of trust to our worker.

Another purpose is to educate mobilewarriors to share spaces. While it’s no easy task because everyone has their own proximity range, a simple gesture of ‘hello may I join you’ with the promise of not disturbing, not selling insurance, not selling weight loss product and no pitching, will lead to saving the spaces and lead to interesting discussion you possibly have with your new mobile-office-mate.

Just look at the attendance above. We came from all different types of background. We laugh like the normal officemate. And we focused doing our job.

If you’re interested to join the next co-working session, just comment on this post, I’ll let you know the next session that might be held sometime in March. Since I’ve been traumatized of people that promote unnecessary things that I need during my work at mobileoffice, I will curate and monitor the co-working request so that we can avoid the salesperson that going to steal 1-2 hours of our working time.

Why I put ‘@’ in front of their names? Because we’re all in Twitter-jaya.

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11 Responses to “Jan 2011 Co-working day review”

  1. Fazreen Says:

    Nice one la tekong. I want to join too in the future but let me get myself a laptop first..Otherwise I can’t work at mobile office

  2. admin Says:

    Fazreen – some one should sponsor you, mr the-first-to-get-official-iPhone4-at-Malaysia ;D

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  4. Eizil Says:

    Timing asek tak kena jer… huhuhu… memang nak jer join co working session camni… hopefully waktu bulan mac nanti kena masa… :D

  5. Aaron Mokhtar Says:

    As Salam,

    Hope I can get an invite to your next group outing.

  6. Jacky Lai Says:

    Nice concept, I would like to try it out this co-working concept, do keep me posted on your upcoming co-working session.

  7. Naoko Says:

    If there’s opportunity to do networking I am quite interested. As mentioned, will let you know by tomorrow. :3

  8. Edry Says:

    Aku mau sertai kalau kena waktunya :D

  9. aman Says:

    hope can make it this time. =)

  10. csenglim Says:

    keep me posted

  11. Karg Weng Says:

    is it too late??? keep me posted :)

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