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The Bee, Jaya One

Location: The Bee, Jaya One

WiFi/SSID: The Bee

Plugs: plenty. They can provide extension too

Toilet: 1 minute walk to the centre

: Cafe/ Halal

Surau/Mosque/Prayer Rooms
: Near Old Town/ Nando

Nearest alternatives: Old Town, Starbucks

Amenities:  7-Eleven near surau

Review: They have open air environment and sometimes have event. They also provide combo for their cakes and coffee


Location Area: , ,

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One Response to “The Bee, Jaya One”

  1. Kreative Genesis Says:

    Wow.. This is a very very comfy and spacious place to work and have meetings! Gonna try and ‘lepak-lepak’ here sometimes. Thanks for the info! – KG

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