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Clockface, Russia

Location: Ground Floor Plaza Damas

WiFi/SSID: Clockface

Plugs: > 20

Toilet: Same floor, less minute away

: Free space/ Halal

Surau/Mosque/Prayer Rooms
: None

Nearest alternatives:Starbucks, McDonalds, lots of restaurants

Amenities:  Free coffee,tea, snacks, cookies and sometimes cake

Review:A place to unwind from the business of center Moscow. It is homey, comfortable, warm and most important cheap! 1 ruble ($0.03) per minute with complimentary unlimited tea, coffee and snacks. Other than that, attractive Russian girls as host, need I say more?

Website : http://ariffshah.com/tsiferblat-tempat-lepak-bandar-moscow/http://clockfacer.ru

Location Area: , ,

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