Office Kami is a combination word of Office + We ( in Malay Langauge it’s pronounced as Kami ). OfficeKami is a web + blog to provide useful information about uncommon place that can be your office. It is also known as mobile office. It is a growing trend to computer-worker to work either at home/ SOHO or outside/mobile. However, some people can’t comprehend about it. How do you guys work outside office? How to find tools and all those stuff, motivation sorta. How will you receive the fax? So Officekami, will share about

  1. Mobile office locations
  2. Mobile office practices, productivity and tips
  3. Random suitable articles

Food Court, Jusco AU2

Officekami is a community project by Weddingkami / WK Wedding Solutions and led by Ikhwan Nazri. We will update and handle this community in our free time and it’s not our main priority. However since we’ve always go outside and deploying our mobile office, we think this is one of our way to contribute back to the community to give information about mobile office.

If you’re totally new to this trend and culture, then read this post to give a fresh start to yourself.

Our (Flavert Media Lab) previous community project is The Raise Project: or famously known as Al-Quran for PlayStation Portable that now available in three languages, English, France and Malay. To know more about us, visit Flavert Media Lab company website or their  blog.


27 May 2009 – Rating function & Pricing Category added.

  1. Rating is depends to the WiFi connection, accessibility of that area, parking rates, value for money, amenities available and of course, your own personal rates.
  2. Pricing category is divided into two. ≤ RM5 means the coffee will priced less than RM5, and ≥ RM5 means the coffee price is exceeding RM 5. RM5 is a benchmark for a cup of coffee or drinks available at that spot.

27 June 2009 -general edit

  1. Change the size of the Google Map panels inside this blog
  2. Added Sidebar links to bigger Google Maps and it will list all the OfficeKami Locations

22 June 2010

  1. Conversion to WP-Geo

20 April 2011

  1. Officekami now viewable on mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android, any smart phone)
  2. Includes direction for those devices

13 June 2011

  1. Added video montage