PSA: Mobileoffice at Mamak’s Risk

I must said, I am quite disturbed by this video. Also, it is my part to educate fellow mobileofficers and co-workers on to be more secure.

From the video, what we can see is a robbery cases at  Restoran Subur Seksyen 15 Shah Alam at Date / Time : 28th August 2011 @ 0355hrs to 0405hrs. 28th August, is when most of Malaysian citizens back to their hometown to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri therefore you could explain why the robbery took cases where there’s only few people at Mamak. (Popular mamak always crowded even in early morning). Few people in helmets and raincoats storming the mamak, robbing everything that they can get including two laptops and they get away pretty fast.

While i believe the blame is on those thief, but we, on our part, have to know, understand the risk, and do our part.

This is one of the reason I don’t quite like to work at Mamak. Primary reason would be the chairs and the noise level, their security isn’t that tight. Mamak has a lot of exit due to open air. You can see the thief storming, rushing inside to rob. But it is good that people can escape easily so the trick here is be nimble. To be honest, i’ve never been into that situation so i’m unsure if I can be as nimble as I said, i would be escaping with my laptop only.

The second thing is the time. It is at wee in the morning 0355-0405. People are sleeping during that time so there’s no reason for you to work on that time. (while I know the couple maybe just do some light surfing, can’t they do it at home? )

If you really need to work outside at night, I recommend areas that alive at night and areas that you think have more police, such as Bangsar.

I still remember the day, bunch of people, in suspicious way, staring at me and my MacBook Pro at mamak. Ever since then, I no longer working at Mamak stall unless just for 30 minutes.

The blame is on the thief but let us do our part, know the risk, and stay alert.


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September 7th, 2011 by Posted in Article, English |

Do & Dont’s in doing a meeting at mobileoffice

Often people ask me: How do you handle meetings if you don’t have an office? or, if you kept travelling. A pretty straightforward answer is- do the meetings at mobileoffice.

However, in doing a meeting at mobileoffice, we have to take few concern over about the places itself before our client, or potential client walks in.

So here are few do & dont


  • Prepare everything of your related material before going to meet (portfolios, file, etc)
  • Ask if the meeting need computer, or other stuff (like projectors)
  • Make sure the place you’re agreed to meet have a decent internet connection
  • Also, meet the client at an are that have an alternative internet connection, or you can tether your internet to laptop via smartphone
  • Preferably, meet at place with plenty parking spaces, accessible to both parties (via LRT or so on)
  • If you’re a women/girl meeting a man, meet them at a mobileoffice that are not secluded

That’s about Do’s. Now let’s see what the Dont’s

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January 12th, 2011 by Posted in Article, English |


How many times have you been in a tight situation? How many times you need to improvise with what you have?

Last week, I have to pick up my medical check-up result, and I got X-Ray films to carry.

Problem: I’m riding motorcycle. You can’t fold the X-Ray films.

So I empty the water from my Rubbermaid chug bottle, and filled it with curled X-Ray films, like this

Since the film is inside the plastic, I had no problem and also, the orange cloth is the shock-dampener + water-absorption material inside the bottle should there still left a bit of water that might contact with my X-Ray films.

And i was able to carry this document on a motorcycle that speeds at 100KM/h

If you have mobileoffice tips and tricks, do share with us yea. Use the contact form too or mail at ikhwan[dot]nazri[at]flavert[dot]com

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December 23rd, 2010 by Posted in Article, Cost Effective, Tools & Gadgets |

Tissue Tips

Hello mobilewarriors and visitors. Quite some time I didn’t write any articles. World’s been busy, and same as me.

So here goes article. A quick article I’ve wrote, Tissue Tips.


If you realize, if you come to every cafes or even fast food chains, they will give tissues. Tissues being served for your convenience. Aside from wiping our mouth and hand, tissue can be most useful to one mobile warriors. Usually, the shops will give you at least 2-3 piece of 2 ply (helaian) tissues. From my observation, unused/extra tissues will be left untouched by customer and those unused tissues, usually, following the restaurant code of conduct ( I was a Shakey’s Pizza service crew before so I know ) will be thrown away.

I’m serious. It is same as leftovers. Untouched tissues will be thrown away. ( I didn’t know if there’s restaurant keeping it )

How to fix this?

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July 28th, 2010 by Posted in Article, Cost Effective, English |

We are proud to support #KLSpecial

Ahoy fellas. If you’re on twitter and following famous fellas on Social Media or foursquare junkie, best bet is that you heard this a day before KLSpecial

In a nutshell the idea is to get shops signed up as “owners” on foursquare and have them make specials available for the rest of us. We seek support of other 4squarers out there along with some of the bloggerati and twitterati of KL.  If you want to help just drop us your contact details and we will touch base with you on how you can get involved. – taken from their site.

Officekami is a proud supporter of this movement. Every location submitted and shall their owner want to promote it as one of #mobileoffice destination, it will be automatically listed in the Officekami Locations. So it will definitely help mobilewarriors in finding best locations + discounts, if they’re frequent visitors or mayor.

So dear mobilewarriors, if you have extra 10 minutes at your locations, or you’re feeling burnout from working, go to the respective contact person of that shop, and educate them. It is for their benefit afterall :) The resources to educate them on #KLspecials is here.

And if you’re asking benefit on your part, what you get is special itself. Imagine if you’re frequent visitor to The Bee, check in X5 will reward you a cappucino. Doesn’t that sounds nice? Or maybe some other locations give you X% discount. It is all that we want. And we need more and more shops to join.

Lastly, you can help to promote #KLSpecial by clicking the link below

To Tweet this video, click this:
To share the video, on Facebook:
To Digg the video, click this:
To Posterize this video on Posterous, click this:

Let’s make Malaysia a more happening place to be!

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July 21st, 2010 by Posted in Article, English, Event |

Officekami featured in Kosmo

Hi All, I guess by now you may figure out Wednesday is the day I gave review, App Showdown, rants, articles and many more. So for today, an achievement for this project is to get featured in one of mainstream papers in Malaysia

If you click the picture, it will lead you to the news excerpt online, in Malay language. For English readers, it is about

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June 30th, 2010 by Posted in Article, English |

Cafe’s Discount Card Comparison

Aha. Now that I guess most of you benefitted from the last Officekami Discount Meal Sheet last week, I believe you find this useful too, Discount Card Comparison.

Clicking on the page will view the bigger version of the picture. Alternatively, you can also download Officekami Discount Card Comparison PDF version and stick it on your partition wall, if you still not practicing #mobileoffice :p (because if you mobileoffice, you’ll miss that partition wall )

The resource of that Old Town White Coffee Citizen Card promotion was taken from Longlibra here. And the card picture is from Mietos. Since I don’t have Old Town Card.

Looking forward to hear your feedback, and spread the news fellas!

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June 9th, 2010 by Posted in Article, Cost Effective, English |

Discount Meal Sheet

Apparently I have much time to kill so I created this based on my experience

Click on the image above to see bigger version, And you may download PDF version (A4) so you could stick it on your office space.Now download > Officekami Discount Meal Sheet.

Few things to take account to

KFC & McDonalds = Non-ergonomic chairs. Noise, and may only have few plugs ( but certain McDonalds have a lot of plug )

Secret Recipe = Their WiFi is protected by Streamyx Zone. Lately, they open a connection. Kindly ask the server first.

Old Town = Non-ergonomic chairs. Few exclusive oldtown do have comfy chairs. One of it is Bangsar South.

Coffee Bean = their Breakfast meal only coffee/tea-refillable before 11AM.

San Francisco Coffee = Non-uniformed rules on ‘Buy One Free One’ (BOFO). In Menara UOA Bangsar, you can buy BOFO after lunch. In Ampang Point, BOFO only available during weekends.

Above all, kindly ask the waiter if there’s WiFi available at the outlet.

If you’re a great graphic designer, then feel free to redesign this cheat sheet. It is under attributions/share-alike. Just credit back us okay :) And feel free to reblog this :D

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June 1st, 2010 by Posted in Article, Cost Effective, English |

App Showdown – Teambox

The second App Showdown is Teambox. I myself tried few Team collaboration tools. Namely Bantam Live. Then last two weeks I remember fellow Mobilewarriors Arzumy/Hakim Albsrawy twitted about Teambox. Since Flavert/Weddingkami work remotely in every own spaces, we need few stuff like virtual whiteboards or service to share project updates.

Since I’m a fan of desktop apps, most of screenshot is desktop app version. Don’t worry, still the same with webview.

Let me start with an Overview Panel when you login to your Teambox

When you login, you can see the overview of your Projects. Definition: Projects in Teambox is a project that being run in a company. However, since we want to use the apps for free, I decided that Weddingkami is a Project. And all projects received by clients will be defined as Tasks.

Read more yea

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May 25th, 2010 by Posted in Article, Cost Effective, English, Productivity Tips, Tools & Gadgets |

Protip: BOFO San Francisco Coffee

At certain San Francisco Coffee in Malaysia, they have Buy One Free One (BOFO) promo. But it is not same in all branches. Ampang Point have this promo only on weekends but ends before 8PM. And Menara UOA Bangsar have this promo during weekdays which is after lunch. The deal is to buy any of Extreme Frappes, and get another for free. Must be either Regular or Large. While this BOFO may seem normal, let me take it to the extreme.

What you can do is, buy the Extreme promo (Buzz, latte, Mocha, vanilla, chocolate ) and get another one for free. Then, ask the barista to keep another one inside the freezer. So you can work up to 1-3 hours with one cup. Then, since we need some slight rest, go outside the cafe and told the barista that ‘I’ll be back’. After taking your fun time, go back to the cafe, ask for the one that they kept, and then continue working.

Be aware that the coffee inside the freezer are more intense and strong. And DO NOT kept the coffee with your skipped cream, coz your cream will be a bit funny. Saw that before, and didn’t know how it taste, since I skip the cream always. And with this method, I successfully work for 7-8 hours.

I’m not being cheap. I’ve become cost effective :p – As what @cerventus from Malaysia Entrepreneurs said :p

I’ll post more and more Cost Effective tip here, so keep coming to this blog. If you have some, come, share it :)

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May 23rd, 2010 by Posted in Article, Cost Effective, English |