Review: Greenroom136 Scribblebook Journal

A month ago, I received a call from Gordon from Greenroom 136 asked me if I’m keen to test their new Scribblebook Organizers. I must said, I have missed to used organizers for such a long time but it was useful back then. Days before we have the new age of Smartphone, people still using Organizers to schedule meetings months before, a-la planner. So I said to Gordon, I would love to.

And so he sent me Scribblebook Journal, that can fit perfectly with my Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook. Here, before a picture galore, I present you videos about that lovely journal.

Picture galore

So after a month using it, what are my comments?

  • The size of it is manly. Imagine like walking around with an organizer, but a bit smaller (around A5), and manlier. No other organizers sports a car buckle strap mind you. It is better to carry this on your hand rather than keep it in a bag. You can keep it in a bag but I found that heavy. When I remove the Scribblebook Journal I can felt significant weight being reduced.
  • It has a lot of useful pockets. I use the clear window section to put some of Amanz name card and as for the other window section, I put the name cards of the person I met during meeting and that indicates I have something to talk with them.
  • As for the pockets behind the front cover, I store pen & iPod Nano (ver 3) inside and believe it has a fair treatment because they put microfiber for inner linings, thus your gadget wont scratch.
  • The zippered area I used to store some other stuff that I don’t want people to notice.
  • There’s NotebookNotbuk supplied with this Journal. But I switch with my Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook. And the cover flap even fits the notebook. So you can say, Scribblebook protects your lovely Moleskines.
  • And behind their back cover are two deep pockets that I now using it to keep receipts.
  • I’m liking it because it made me look corporate-ish while if you know me, I’m not.
  • And I think I need a new Greenroom bag. I am deeply attached with my Scribblebook Journal.

Like this? Buy it at

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Latest update-Back from Hiatus

Hi everyone!.

First I would like to apologize for the lack of updates. There’s submission already coming in and I have scheduled it for next week release.

The reason for the lack of updates is just I’m taking some time (yeah right.. almost 5 months) to think of some strategies towards the better officekami version, or movement.

Mobileoffice have become a trend but it is growing slowly. I can see more places been build to suit the needs of mobilewarriors. In fact, there’s a rule being proposed for all cafes in Kuala Lumpur to have WiFi.

I think I have some idea of where this could go so again, I apologies for lack of updates.

Happy co-working people!

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Noodle Station, East Coast Mall, Kuantan, Pahang

Location: Ground Floor, East Coast Mall, Kuantan, Pahang

WiFi/SSID: Available

Click to continue reading »

Location Area: , ,

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Actually it has been few months this has been done. It’s just me forgot to do the blogpost.

Thanks to the volunteers, now we have Officekami mobile web & Officekami in Ovi Store.

Mobile version of Officekami, accessible at – thanks to Nazrul/ @nazroll from Redboot Solutions for creating it.

This above is map view

There’s also a Officekami in Ovi Store created by Harinder Singh / @lightyoruichi Tandemic

Hope this helps you to decide where to work today. Alternatively, you may twit me at @officekami :)

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Calling for mobile warriors

peace be upon you and hello everyone.

Last two weeks, Nazroll, who’ve promoted Officekami by winning Best Productivity Hacks in OpenHackDay Southeast Asia organized by Yahoo, tweeted looking for mobileoffice-mates around Shah Alam. So I guess, I want to list mobile warriors who, want to share their daily location so that can become officemate each other.

What to do? Now, fill in the form below to be listed. DO NOTE : that if you prefer to work alone, or you prefer to keep your privacy, please choose the appropriate settings.

I’ll display the list of interested mobile warriors next week. Do come back here okay :)

P/S: Congratulations to Nazroll for hacking our data and promoting it at regional ASEAN level :D

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New proposed RapidKL extension (presumed)

Yesterday, RapidKL announced that they will be extending both of their LRT systems to Putra Heights. Since I was looking at my favorite Google Maps, I decide to poke fun of it, by drawing the lines that may be the extension for both rails. So the blue line below is the extension that I’m proposing.


Of course, click the image to see the full size of it. And Click here to see google maps version of it.

It is important for me and for mobile warriors I think, because now we can travel to more location. Currently, there isn’t a single officekami record for Kinrara/Puchong area within that proposed-presumed system.

Inside the announcement made yesterday in Berita Harian, Ampang-Sri Petaling will be extended to Putra Heighs for about 17Km and the same goes to Kelana Jaya line, extended to Putra heights for about 17.7Km. The extension of Sri Petaling will cross Kinrara > Puchong > Putra Heights. From what  I presume, I think the line will go through this landmark

  • Taman Esplanade
  • Bukit Jalil Integrated Business Park
  • Bandar Kinrara 1
  • Taman Bukit Kuchai
  • Bandar Puchong
  • IOI Puchong
  • Tesco Puchong
  • Taman Perindusrian Puchong
  • Kompleks Rakan Muda Puchong
  • Taman Puchong Intan
  • Taman Dahlia
  • Taman Puchong Perdana
  • taman Puchong Prima
  • Putra Heights

The path for Sri Petaling > Putra Heights is pretty interesting, covering some emerging house areas and also some industrial parks, and also, business centre like Puchong. Puchong IOI already being extended and commercial parks being built around so the LRT should go there.

And then for Kelana Jaya, it will cross Subang > USJ > Putra Heights. And I presume it will go through the landmark below.

  • Taman perindustrian Saujana Indah
  • Taman TTDI jaya
  • Hicom Glenmarie industrial park
  • Subang/ Near Subang parade
  • The area near Inti College
  • Persiaran Murni that near with Summit USJ/Giant/Tesco
  • Taipan USJ/ Subang Business Centre
  • USJ 13
  • USJ 21
  • USJ 27

After Kelana Jaya, I think the line will go further a bit to Saujana Indah so people can go to Subang Airport easily. It also cross hectic TTDI Jaya & Hicom Glenmarie. Then, it will go nearer and I presume it will connect with Komuter Batu Tiga. yeah I know my drawing a bit off but that all is the presumed drawing. Then, it will go to the area near with Inti College. After that, it will go into house area starting with Persiaran Murni, Taipan USJ and all straight along to Putra Heights.

At the moment, those areas have many people but hardly connected. Not to forget, congested. Of course, because they only need to rely on buses. Not to forget, all the above areas, have many Commercial Parks or factory where heavy lorry comes in, traffic jams also comes in. With this extension, I think it might solve traffic congestion being experienced in those areas.

Lastly, I can go to Majlis Bandaran building to check out the proposed extension. I didn’t because I want to poke some fun, what happen if what I wrote here was true? :p

You heard me, I think you can check the official proposed map, at the place listed here. And when you do please share with us, the real map.


EDITED: MY MAP WAS 50% Correct! – Found this map on their official website



for more info check their website here.

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on hiatus

Want to tell you guys, lovely visitors, that in conjunction with this Ramadhan/Fasting month, there will be totally less update for our Officekami Locations due to the team unable to work at any cafes. That’s because it would raise suspicion of we’re eating while we’re suppose to be fasting. We would try to wrote articles to keep you company so stay tuned :)

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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