DELIcious, Bangsar Village 2

delicious cafe, bangsar village 2, mobile office

Location: DELIcious Cafe, Bangsar Village 2

WiFi: Free  & no WEP. Detected Wireless KL as well but didn’t try connecting to it.

Plugs: 1-2 only. Can ask the waiter for a seat near a plug. If working with others, bring a multi socket

Toilet: Walk out of the restaurant and go upstairs

Category/Halal: Fusion (Western + Asian)/Halal

Surau/Mosque/Prayer Rooms: Unsure

Nearest alternatives: Devi’s Corner (not sure if there’s Wifi) across the road.
Inside Bangsar Village 2 :  Coffee Bean, Marmalade Cafe, Starbucks

Amenities: Shopping in Bangsar Village 2 is expensive.

Review: DELIcious serves good food in big portions which cost an average of RM25. Drinks an average for RM10. Plain water is free. At peak hours its noisy and packed. Some of the chairs are a bit low so its not so comfortable but they have other chairs.

The environment is peaceful and great to work in – but not during lunch/dinner time.

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Coffee Bean, Bangsar Village

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Bangsar Village

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Bangsar Village

Location: Coffee bean & Tea Leaf, Bangsar Village 2, Ground Floor

WiFi: Airzed Coffee Bean

Plugs: 5. 3 at the outside. 2 in the inside

Toilet: 1st floor. Atfer escalator, turn right and it’s next in between Glasses Shop

Category/Halal: Cafe/Halal

Surau/Mosque/Prayer Rooms: Saidina Abu Bakar Mosque.

Nearest alternatives: Starbucks.

Amenities: Unknown

Review: Went to Bangsar Village quite certain times and this is the favorite spot. Used the free parking at Saidina Abu Bakar Mosque. For economy lunch, there’s a small foodstall behind the mosque. On Friday, there will be a stall selling Nasi Kandar for RM10 with, all you can have either Lamb Shanks or Chicken Curry ( presumably ) and you can have both but at fix price, RM10 with Syrup. I’ve eaten it once and it tastes great, with high cholestrol LOL. The toilet however, is a some-sort of premium toilet but until this time that I’ve wrote this review ( 15/5/09 ) male toilet are unlocked and free to use >:) You can ask either the baristas or the security guard to look for your laptop, double security.

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