Food Court, Carrefour Ampang

Carrefour Ampang

Carrefour Ampang

Location: Carrefour Ampang. Near Bukit Belacan/Watan.

WiFi: Carrefour. Need registration

Plugs: 2. At the outside/foodcourt smoking area.

Toilet: 3 minutes walking at the other end

Category/Halal: Food Court

Surau/Mosque/Prayer Rooms: At the other end too.

Nearest alternatives: Kluang Station. Splendid. KFC

Amenities: There’s a stationery shop available, but unsure if fax service available.

Review: During my early days of mobile offices, I’ve went here to work. However, due to battery problem I’ve experienced, I’ve found it hard to work outside with the hotness plus the smoke from other person. Still, it has the nice view and breeze of the hills. Don’t put high expectation as it is, by chance.

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