Library Foyer, MMU Cyberjaya

Foyer Library, MMU Cyberjaya

Foyer Library, MMU Cyberjaya, with @faisal_arbain & @odin88

Location: Foyer Library, MMU Cyberjaya.

WiFi: Public

Plugs: 4. 2 at the pillar of each side from the entrance of library

Toilet: Near lecture room

Category/Halal: Public Area, Foyer,

Surau/Mosque/Prayer Rooms: Either Faculty of Engineering or Faculty of Management

Nearest alternatives: Faculty of Management Foyer

Amenities: Tau Cafe. Lubrary

Review: Since it is foyer, it’s pretty hot under the sunny day. The competition for plug is highly expected because competing with students. Access to the university premises require car-stickers. The picture is Flavert CTO’s, Faisal Arbain with junior programmer, Odin. It is fun to see they arguing each other and in the end of the day, both benefitted from the pair-programming.

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