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Dunkin Donut’s, Sprint R&R, Damansara

Dunkin Donuts, Sprint R&R, in front Phileo Damansara

Dunkin Donuts, Sprint R&R, in front Phileo Damansara

Location: Dunkin Donuts, inside Petronas, Sprint Rest & Relax in front Phileo Damansara

WiFi: Streamyx Zone. Have to have their credit.

Plugs: Either nil or 1. At that time it was being used by other person, if I’m not mistaken

Toilet: At Petronas

Category/Halal: Cafe/Halal

Surau/Mosque/Prayer Rooms: At Petronas

Nearest alternatives: Phileo Damansara has a Gloria Jeans Coffee, if I’m not mistaken

Amenities: Nil.

Review: As I’m waiting for a postponed meeting inside Phileo Damansara, I’ve spend some hours inside here, without wifi because I need to purchase it. To purchase Streamyx Zone credit is easy, as you’ll be redirected to their website upon connected. A perfect spot to spend time if you hate to waste time during traffic jam.

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